hey everyone,
hope you've had a lovely Saturday! i went bowling today, i haven't been in a while and forgot how much i enjoy it! especially as i won ;)
it's been a nice day but my chest is struggling :(
i am learning to play the ukulele.. i had one a while back but i learn better when someone shows me how. so i have got some help and i just might be the next George Formby ;D
I am feeling a postcard from lily coming soon, maybe Monday or Tuesday. It's long overdue.
i told you last blog that i had got Netflix now so if there's any films or tv shows you think are definitely worth a watch.. let me know! :)
I'm also looking for a new book to fill my boots with, i am willing to give anything a go, i love most things really :)
Gonna go make some soup for supper now!
So here is today's daily photo of February DAY TWO:- Angle

I had no idea what to do for this one.. i did have something in mind but didn't want to look silly lying on the floor in the bowling alley to get a photo of the bowling ball hitting the pins :')
I am dedicated.. but not that dedicated!! haha.
So there she is the star of my blog and my bestest friend in this world; Roxie Wheeler, cuddled up and napping beside me like a good little sister should.
Sweet dreams!
Sophie xoxo

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