DAY 18

Pearce ward has no room for a little one :(
I really need that bed though, coughed none stop all day and feeling no better for all the sputum i have moved. It's like i am drowning in it!
As much as i shift it, it just keeps coming back. Nothing helps,
oxygen doesn't help, inhalers don't help, nebs aren't doing anything. I'm just stuck!

Day 18:- Sunshine..

I couldn't get a nice shot of the real sunshine outside on my phone's camera so just took a snapshot of my weather app which shows today had been sunny but cloudy at my dads.

I was in the bath tonight and i thought, what can i talk about that's to do with sunshine and weather?
I don't really have anything up my sleeve so I'll just keep typing and see where we end up.

Been thinking of things to do to set my sights on and look forward to this year. I've got no plans whatsoever.
I really want to go to a cottage somewhere. Don't want nothing hectic, just a proper chilled out time. I guess it doesn't have to be a cottage, i just wanted somewhere warm with heating, electricity and warm water with a bath and i would be thrilled.

I think i would like to give printworks in manchester a whirl too.. maybe not at night, maybe just a cheeky little afternoon trip. I guess you never know till you try do you?

I think i would like to go to little villages that have cute little shops and tea & cake shops and eat fish and chips.

I want to go for drives on a Sunny Sunday with music on, just driving round and round with nowhere to go.

I say all these things and don't usually do them but i think i need to start. Wasting time just doing nothing and I'm losing my mind. It's boring now. I just want to give it a go and try it. If i don't like it, i won't do it again will i.

Night night bedbugs!
Sophie xoxo
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