DAY 28

Well i finally got myself a bed in Wythenshawe. I have actually been in a whole week now and i am only just starting to feel human and able to breathe again. I felt absolutely awful before coming in so very appreciative that they managed to squeeze me in when i came to clinic.

I think the doctor didn't even have to ask how i felt when he walked into the room, took one look and thought it would be okay to tell me how awful i look! CHEEKY!

Needless to say, i wasn't able to do my lung functions as i immediately started coughing so didn't even budge it above 0.4! which is crap!

I was having some chest pain but the steroids have sorted that out and now it's just getting rid of the silly little sputum the mild bout of pneumonia has left me with!

I don't know if anybody else goes this way when on steroids but i have noticed i struggle to get to sleep at night, i am so very irritable and angry at the world and i also can. not. stop. eating! the last one would be brilliant if my blood sugars that are normally ranging between 4 & 8 are now flying high in the 20's all night long. maybe that's why i can't sleep?

Major sugar rush - minus the sweeties :(

Don't think there's anything else to report as far as costa del pearce is going. Bought myself a new ukulele to keep myself occupied and it is BEAU-tiful!

Say ello to him <3

Well i missed a few days but we're having problems getting my laptop onto the Internet. Password for the wi-fi just won't work and typing this blog out on my i-phone would drive me crazy having to correct the auto-correct all the time!

So i had a little holiday- recovery period but here are a few photo's i would have used had i been online....

DAY 9: comfort:- I'd have chosen my eye mask that i sleep with. love falling asleep in the pitch black!

DAY 20: in my pocket

DAY 21: eyes

DAY 22: Handwritten:- i'd have chosen this to-do list which i blurred as it's my private to-do list with things i want to work on myself with.

DAY 23: favourite thing:- i love turtles!!

DAY 24: listening to..

DAY 28: i ate....

just so tasty!

Sweet dreams bedbugs..
Sophie xoxo

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