Day 11




this was me upon first attempting to speak to someone this morning. i realised my voice was missing and in it's place was a faint, hoarse, whisper that faded out mid flow.
no reason for this lack if voice. i woke feeling really groggy, i actually felt full of a cold but without the blocked nose. i just felt shattered, heavy headed, head achey and generally like a pooball.

doctors came round and infuriated me by asking 120 questions knowing i had lost my voice and so we struggled with the usual questions for about an hour. my voice was killing after straining what was left of it to answer the same old questions.
"How is your sputum?"
is still more than my normal and is coming up easy due to a tickly cough I'd adopted over the weekend.
"How is your chest?"
Feeling heavy as it's first thing in the morning and pre physio.
"How's the heart rate?"
I don't know, I've been asleep whilst they've monitored it.
"Any temperatures?"
Again, i don't know, i have been asleep whilst they've monitored it. *shouldn't they check the nurse notes?*
"Anything new to report?"
YES i have no voice!!! I'm not just being rude answering these questions in a half broken whisper for you to ask me to repeat myself over and over for the shits and giggles!!

Bloody junior doctors, i love them but just not first thing in the morning when i have woken up feeling like a pooball. They're the last people i have any patience for :( ...sorry guys <3
You're doing a great job, keep up the good work, just pop round to see me after lunch when i am more none zombified!

Last Fridays conversation started by him first shaking me to wake me up for me to squint at him with one eye open and say bluntly, "what?"
hahaha.. i am too funny.

His reply was, "how's your sputum moving today?"

..... i kid you not.

I said, "my sputum is not moving today YET as you've literally just woken me up. I was quite clearly asleep and therefore, have not moved no sputum today"

Doc: "ah i see, so how are you feeling today?"

Me: "i feel like i just woke up and i am still tired"

Doc: "but it's 10 o'clock.. i thought you'd want to be up."

Me: "i had a ridiculous tickle that kept me up till early hours, regardless of that... what do i have to wake up for today? I'm not going anywhere or doing anything today other than staring at these four walls!!"

The little rascal was quite clearly off his head that Friday morning! Get off the laughing gas you crazy doctor!

Ahhh.. good news? My voice eventually made an appearance as the day went on and it's not back in full swing. Sore throat and tickley cough still present though.

Don't know when my date with the consultant will be regarding the chat about transplant referral but i have been thinking about questions to ask.
I won't lie.. i feel like most of the questions have been answered from previous little chats and also by reading blogs of other CF patients both pre & post transplant. So the only questions i have come up with seem like silly ones but are genuinely the only ones i can think of.. :(

1- will i still need such a high calorie diet post transplant?
2- will i get to keep my port-a-cath for 'just in case' need of IV's post transplant?
3- general curiosity, how many patients on this unit are awaiting transplant?
4- general curiosity again.. how many patients from this unit got "the call" last year?
5- general curiosity again.. (Bit morbid but I'm curious) how many patients didn't make it to "the call" last year?
6- what are the usual tubes & wires i should expect to wake up with?
7- I'd quite like to see a diagram of the lungs.. just to then be explained how they do the actual transplant procedure.
8- when will they be making the referral?
9- how long does it take to find out if you make the mark to be put on the list?

That's all i got... some of them seem silly to me but they're genuinely things i don't know that i just wonder :')

Think i will have a chat with some people like mum, dad, emily and see what questions they can think of too. They might have questions they want answered or have ones that i just haven't thought of that would be good to know.

Going to write them down otherwise it'll get to the, "any questions?" part and I'll just sit smiling and shaking my head!

Okay that's it for now as i am a tired ted tonight..

Day 11:- texture

This is a hot bubbly bath run by my papa for me when i was poorly before i came in hospital and he used a beautiful, yummy smelling bath bomb from LUSH <3
They're stuff is amazing and leaves your skin feeling so soft and nourished. That's why i decided to choose this picture for day 11's texture picture.

Night night bedbugs..

Sophie xoxo
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