March- DAY 2

Got bored and decorated the sign for my hospital room door :)
Think it is very me.. Even put a little turtle hiding in there somewhere!

i had such a lovely day planned and it kind of went a little not so smooth!

i have been having major issues with my blood sugars as they put me on steroids.
long story short, we stopped the steroids starting from today but still had a bigger dose of insulin last night covering for yesterday's pred (steroid).. that increase of insulin was no longer needed though really as i wasn't due to have anymore steroids this morning so my sugars continued to drop..

Needless to say, i woke up sweating, shaking like a leaf and completely incapable of acting like a sober human being.
i pushed my buzzer as felt dead to the world for the nurse to check my blood sugars, slurring the words, "i feel low, think sugars are low"
i also at somepoint text my mum i let her know i was feeling weird which came out like this...
"Argh!! I feel daakky weids x"
.... second attempt was,
"Blood sugars low and i feel really sweird xx"
I don't remember sending these texts :S
I had literally just woke up :') haha.

My blood sugar was 1.7 and i drank two pots of pure orange juice and had a digestive biscuit! My blood sugars rose and i was more human :)

Next up was maccies brekkie with my cousins emily, paddy, tom & steph.
We had a sing along with ukulele and then as they morning went on i found myself hyper ventilating.. i thought i might have been having a little anxiety attack so did my usual routine of stroking my arm and focused on relaxing my breathing and it worked but not for very long.
I decided to keep my oxygen on when i coughed and began to see little dots in my eyes. I was sat dodging what i thought were little midges but they were just my head being silly.
Stupid me didn't think to push my buzzer and inform a nurse so still sat with my oxygen having these mini 'anxiety attacks' dodging 'midges!'


It was dinner now and my mum brought my gorgeous godson Alfie to come and see me and show me his very first Peggy!
The cheeky boy pulled my oxygen mask off my face and let go of it so the elastic snapped back and the mask smacked my face!!
Little rascal.

My dinner came and i was still sat on my oxygen breathing very harsh, fast and sharp. Struggling to eat and getting really flustered and red, my mum pushed the buzzer for the nurse to come help me. Blood pressure was fine, oxygen levels were good at 96 but my heart rate was 150 and all i was doing was sat in bed.
The doctor wanted an ECG and then told me and my mum that i was tachycardic (high heart rate) which we knew from my pulse. He stopped an IV drip that was running through as it's a bronchodilator which can cause your heart rate to be elevated slightly so it wouldn't have been doing me any favours.
He wants me to be referred to cardiology just to see what they recommend.

I've had these episodes a few times before but this one felt worse and more out of control.

Think it must have just been the excitement of all my visitors and of course the best hash browns on the universe.. McDonald's <3 br="">

DAY 2:- morning!

Yummiest part of my very busy morning :)

Hopefully today will be a much calmer day :)

Night night bedbugs...
Sophie xoxo
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