Day 27

Got a lot of people viewing yesterday's blog and a similar amount viewing each of the posts i linked up to it too :)
i like when people enjoy what i write, makes me happy.

i have been getting very out of breath today at the simplest of tasks. moved a lot of sputum though but it is stubborn to get moving. had a nice hot soak in a bath and then had TGI's with my mum, emily and my cousin paddy.
it was very nice and i now feel sick i have eaten that much. i had starter and main meal though today :)

i am very, very tired so i will make it a quick post tonight.
i have got my letter for the transplant clinic.

It is on the 22nd of April.
I think it is just for a chat with the transplant team, get a look around, ask any questions i have and then see where we go from there. this isn't the actual 3 day assessment, i don't think.

i'm almost certain i will be in pearce ward on the 22nd anyway so probably just get wheeled up to the clinic. my mama & papa will accompany me to the clinic appointment.

Not sure why but i was quite shocked when i opened the letter, i didn't expect to hear from them so quickly but guess it's a few weeks away yet anyway.

Depending on the weather, i have a weekend in Essex to look forward to for the time being. So long as this snow calms down. Don't know what it is playing at.

My first week out of hospital has been lovely. I haven't felt my best but i knew i wouldn't before i left hospital. I've just enjoyed being at home. Spending time with Beth, my dad and the couple of nights spent at my mums have been nice too.
Family time <3

Gonna keep as busy as possible for the next week though, i just think that way it's harder for this rubbish chest to get on top of me.. or at least that's what i am hoping :S

Got a few things planned and stuff so fingers crossed my lungs behave enough for me to enjoy these things.
Oh on a side note, i noticed the stars come out to prove me wrong tonight.. my grandad must have popped online to read my blog ;)
Good one grandad tommy! X

Day 27:- smooth

Well i haven't come into contact with anything smooth but tonight tucked up in bed i flicked E4 on and watched grease. I think danny is a pretty smooth guy.
So decided he would do.
Plus i love grease..

Tell me about it, stud!

Sweet dreams bedbugs,
Sophie xoxo
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