DAY 15

Had a sneaky pop on my facebook tonight, to get a few photos off there and to check a few CF friends out to make sure they're okay as don't have them on twitter.
So was looking through photos trying to find a few that i was after and felt this overwhelming sadness descend. I don't for one minute doubt that it's probably as it's the end of the night and i personally tend to be a little more weepy at night and i have sat and watched comic relief all night and so have been on the brink of tears most of the night!

All that crossed my mind whilst browsing my facebook profile, photos and wall was..
"what a difference a year makes"

I have been questioning whether to go back on facebook, just to get back in contact with people who i don't have numbers for or who aren't on twitter.
As frustrated as facebook makes me and as much as i hate it, it's a brilliant way to stay in contact but after nipping on for a few minutes tonight, i realised i don't want to.

Something's are better off left in the past and forgotten. It seems so easy for some others yet so hard for me.
Just words, words are something so valuable to me but to most people today in the world that we live in.. words are thrown out with very little meaning.

This is a little random blog of bits and bobs buzzing round my head. there are quite a few things buzzing round tonight. I've had a few peaceful nights of thinking nothing and i think every thought has suddenly woke up and so they're just whirling round in a hurricane. round and around they go.

Words are so important, more important than people can ever imagine. My heart went out tonight.. watching a Red Nose Day film about a young man who committed suicide by the way other people made him feel.. mentally and emotionally abusing him. Bullying him.
To make someone feel that low, that lonely, isolated and stuck makes me feel sick to my stomach. I am lucky enough to say never once have i been bullied and i can honestly say never have i bullied somebody else. It's absolutely disgusting and nobody has even an ounce of a right to make anybody feel like that. Nobody.

DAY 15:- tiny

something so tiny.. words that have so much meaning.
words impact more than people realise.. that's why people should think before they say things.. or think before they say nothing at all.

a little pick me up one worded, one sentenced text just brings the biggest smile to a face of someone feeling pretty lonely, sad, fed up or anything.
I am not saying problems can be fixed by words all the time but they can feel a little smaller when your mood is lifted ever so slightly.

Sweet dreams bedbugs..
Sophie xoxo
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