Day 23

man this blog is looking pretty damn serious as of late.....


i was reading through my really old blogs because i am just very vintage like that. i started blogging at the beginning of 2009. 
this blog has been up and running for 4 years. i don't blog often and in 2012 i probably only did 3 or 4 blogs, i noticed a pattern:-

when things are bad, i blog.
when i don't have a boyfriend, i blog.
when i am in hospital, i blog.
when i am up coughing at night, i blog.
when it's super last minute an i haven't started day 23's blog, i blog.
when i find a photo challenge that i decide i WILL stick to and usually always fail, i blog.
when i am severely bored but manage to think of something i convince myself is something SUPER interesting to share with you all.... i blog.

so i thought this would be quite light hearted and short & sweet for you all. a little break away from serious me with all my serious things to talk about and talking about my transitioning into a grown up.
and it's really late and i am so tired :)
i'll work on tomorrow's blog all day tomorrow, promise it will be my priority.

Day 23:- a pair

these two are a right pair!!!
i couldn't have picked a better picture to represent a pair better than this pair!
i have never laughed so much as i did at these two on Friday night.. all night long. 

how can you take life so seriously all the time when you have this pair in your life?

i have my sister, beth reminding me to keep that inner child lit and have fun and scream and shout random things in the trafford centre with my 12 year old cousin because that's just what kids do. 
i have my cousin, christian reminding me that no matter what your age is.. you don't ever really grow up, not properly.. how boring would that be? 

beth is quite possibly the coolest kid i know which is probably so uncool coming from me a geek of a big sister but regardless, i love her so much even whilst wishing i was big enough and hard enough to give her a clip round the head every now and again ;)

christian is my homie man. got so much respek! nuff love bruv... innerfistpump!

night night homies!
sophie xoxo

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  1. Well I am having a real good catch up on your blogs today babbe can't believe how many I have missed ready!!!!! But lack of internet hasn't helped!!! And its not easy readin them on my phone!! Dodgy eyes and all that hahaha. Love em.xxxx