Day 28

Today i had subway for lunch and went to the cinema with Emily. We got the tickets for student prices because the cute guy at the till obv fancied me ;)

We watched Oz the great and powerful in 3D.
It's incredible. The story, the 3D effects, the graphics and imagery and i also thought the casting was excellent too.
I couldn't for the life of me think what film the actor playing the wizard of oz is from and so googled it just now. He is in the film, 127 hours.
In this film however, he portrays the character brilliantly.

I love mila kunis, just think she is a really great actress and it was nice to see her playing such a different role to her usual film roles.

Comedy actor Zach Braff is my favourite in the whole film.

Without giving anything away, it's set WAY before the original wizard of Oz film is.
The story is basically how Oz, named Oscar, became known as the wizard. I just think it is a great family film to watch over the Easter holidays.

i am defo no movie reviewer but i just loved it.. you should go see it for sure.

Well i am off to essex for the weekend so i best get myself some beauty sleep! :)

Day 28:- flower

i saw this online and want to buy it so badly as i think it's cute.. it's expensive for a piece of paper though!! i reckon i can find a way to make my own using a page from a book i choose! haha.

night night bedbugs.. up early for the drive to Essex

Sophie xoxo
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