Hey :)

Hope everybody is doing good.
I am feeling like yesterday's blog should have been today's.. with the photo of the day being routine.

This is so rubbish and i am gonna make up for it by continuing Lily's story tomorrow but i am so tired and i have physio to do and nebs to do and just not a lot to say.

I am not in a writing mood today, been away with the fairies a little bit.
Not necessarily had anything in my head, in fact If you asked what i was thinking; I'd have answered you truthfully with the word, nothing!
Just blank.. just zoned out today.

I'm sure i will be back tomorrow though, just one of those days for no apparent reason :) haha

Today's daily photo of February DAY FOUR:- Routine

Well here is the only routine i have! My CF one, it's just an overall glance that i squeezed into one picture for you all.
I do my physio in the mornings before taking my morning meds as through coughing so violently i am usually forced to heave and therefore vomit alot.. it can't be helped and so rather than take my meds before hand just to being them back up and have them void.. i choose to take them around lunch :)

My night time physio unless i am unwell for some reason isn't half as brutal.. i think it's due to the fact that i will have been moving bits of sputum all day so it won't have had time to settle like it does overnight for the morning.
Of course, when my chest is poop like it is at the moment, there's no escaping it. Just got to hope for the best and hope tea stays down!

See you tomorrow bedbugs!

Sophie xoxo
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