DAY 16

Today i took a day off sick and so did my dad. We watched films and did nothing. I made chilli chicken, chips, onion rings & peas for tea and my dad didn't trust my cooking so left the chicken.. CHEEKY!!
I can no highly recommend "wreck-it-Ralph!"
It is brilliant and i loved it alot; i'm a huge disney & pixar, animation fan though.

DAY 16:- Around town..

Realised that i don't actually go outside that often or atleast i don't take pictures outside :')
I get too cold in the summer, inside.. with a jacket on! Imagine what i am like when it's cold out.

Seriously though, this is the best photo on my phone i could find. It's roxie in "a" car and if memory serves me right, we're parked outside an English chippy called Fridays. Yum!! I love English chippy the best for chips & curry and chips & gravy! Unbeatable.

There's not much sight seeing in Oldham town really. People call it something rotten but i am a true home bird and hate being out of it. I don't know if it's because that's where majority of my family are so it just feels safe, secure & home or whether that's it.. it's just simply home?

I lived in Greenacres for a while, then lived in Moorside from the age of 9 or 10. Home feels like a strange word at the moment. Don't really want to go into too much detail but i'm just not feeling it. Just niggling at me.. what makes somewhere home? What happens when what you thought made something home.. changes and it's different now?

Hate changes. I am somebody who really, really, severely struggles with change. Emotionally, physically struggle with change. Hate changes!

Night night bedbugs
Sophie xoxo
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